Photo header credit: Glen Arbor Farm,  Kathy Dorsey, 2019 Finalist Scenic Landscapes 

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our 2020 Photo Contest.  

We received over 1,400 entries this fall from photographers all across our beautiful state, showcasing everything from Michigan’s inland lakes, rivers, and country roads to our signature sand dunes, starry nights, and spectacular Great Lakes.  Selecting just six winners was a daunting task, but we’re excited to announce this year’s winners. 


Best in Show: Tyler Paquet, Hazy Daze

Location: Silver Lake State Park 

Scenic Landscape: Measie Ryan, Sunset with the Sunflowers.       

Location: Fowlerville, Michigan       

Scenic Roadways, Byways, and Trails: Mark Smith, Sunrise on Alpers Road


Location: Leelanau County, Michigan 

Scenic Night Sky: George C. Bailey, Comet Neowise During Airglow

Location: North shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Eagle Harbor Township

Scenic Water: Ryan Erskine, Waves against the South Pier Lighthouse


Location: Charlevoix,  Pine River Channel

Scenic Challenge: Raymond Gaynor, Milky Way and Comet Neowise


Location: LTC Offield Family Viewlands near Harbor Springs

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our panel of judges who had the challenging task of selecting these winners from an amazing selection of entries. In particular, we’d like to thank Eric Bronson for filling in at the last minute to lend additional expertise to our team of judges.

We received so many great photos that for the next 5 Tuesdays, starting  November 24th, we’ll share photos from the finalists in each category.



Scenic Landscape Finalists 

Karen Walter, Farm Field Sunset Muskegon County

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Scenic Water Finalists 

Eric Hansen, Tiscornia Park Lighthouse

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Scenic Road, Byways, and Trails Finalists 

Sandy Duram, Normand Road in Lake Linden

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Scenic Night Sky Finalists 

George C Bailey, Comet Neowise, North Shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula

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