Scenic Byways and Roads

Michigan has approximately 1,500 miles of roads that have received national, state, or county scenic designations. Among numerous other benefits, these special roads provide stunning views of the Great Lakes, access to many of our state’s most beautiful  parks, and even the ability to travel through time when we visit points of historical significance.  As such, we believe these corridors deserve considerable attention,  thoughtful planning,  and viewshed protection where warranted.

In 2017, we set out to conduct what we believe to be the first inventory of all roadways that have received scenic designation in the state.  We hope the map below (click on the full screen for more navigation options)  may help you as you think about exploring  a new corner of our incredible state. And, if you live near one of these corridors, we welcome your help in preserving and protecting the special attributes and enhancing the less than scenic components. We would love to get you involved as one of our scenic ambassadors. You can learn more about these designations in our full report:  2017 Scenic Road Inventory

  • For more info on Pure Michigan byways, explore MDOT’s driving guide
  • For more info on federally designated Scenic Byways, explore FHWA’s website on America’s Byways
  • For more information on how to get a road in your County designated as a Natural Beauty Road, contact your local County Road
  • For a list of planing documents/resources we’re compiling about communities along these byways, you can visit the google folder we’ve set up for this project. Please share any resources you have with us.

Michigan Scenic Roadways

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News and Updates

2020 Scenic Michigan Photo Contest Winners

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We received over 1,400 entries this fall from photographers all across our beautiful state, showcasing everything from Michigan’s inland lakes, rivers, and country roads to our signature sand dunes, starry nights, and spectacular Great Lakes.  Selecting just six winners was a daunting task, but we’re excited to announce this year’s…

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In Billboard Company’s Challenge to a Michigan Sign Ordinance, the Sixth Circuit Finds That Content-Based Commercial Speech Regulations Are Now Subject to Strict Scrutiny

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Source Rocky Mountain Sign Law , Author Brian J. Connolly on September 15, 2020 A billboard company’s challenge to the Troy, Michigan sign variance standards–which we reported on three years ago–has now resulted in an appellate decision that has the potential to greatly change commercial speech regulation as we know it.  Two…

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2019 Scenic Michigan Photo Contest Winners

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We are excited to announce the winners of Scenic Michigan’s 2019 Photo Contest. This year, thanks to our partnership with MLive, we received over 2,000 submissions. We are thankful to everyone who participated in this contest. Our judges definitely reported that they found it challenging to select just one winner…

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2019 Photo Contest

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We are excited to announce the beginning of our 2019 Photo Contest. This year we’re taking it up a notch and we have partnered with MLive to increase the visibility of the contest. We’re thrilled that we’ll be able to share the many amazing photos we receive with a broader…

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