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Our Priorities

There are so many issues that potentially impact the scenic qualities of our beautiful state. However, if we were to try to focus on all of them we could not hope to be effective in our efforts. As such, we are very cautious about what we work on. We select planning and legislative issues that profoundly impact the visual landscape and that allow us to build upon our core areas of expertise.  And we choose projects and issues where we believe Scenic Michigan can make a real impact, often because they “fall under the radar” in local communities and in Lansing. As such, our priorities are ones where we know our voice fills a void and we know the participation of our membership can bring about significant change.

News and Updates

Scenic Michigan Releases 2nd Edition of Michigan Sign Guidebook and Offers May Trainings

By Billboards and Sign Control, News

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert significantly impacted local governments’ approach to sign regulation. The case’s application of the content neutrality doctrine rendered most of the local sign regulations in Michigan unconstitutional. Recent Sixth Circuit court decisions challenge local governments’ ability to continue with longstanding modes…

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This Michigan Sign Guidebook addresses local planning and regulation of nearly all types of exterior signs.

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