Photo header credit: Spring Thunderstorm,  Peggy Zinn, 2022 Finalist Scenic Night Sky

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for Part 1 of our 2022 Photo Contest.  

We received over 500 entries this fall from photographers from across our beautiful state, showcasing everything from Michigan’s inland lakes, rivers, and country roads to our stunning cities, starry nights, and spectacular Great Lakes.  Selecting just six winners was a daunting task, but we’re excited to announce this year’s winners. 


Best in Show: Christy Berghoef, December Frost

Location: Silver Lake State Park 

Scenic Landscape: Christy Berghoef, December Frost.       

Location: Holland, Michigan       

Scenic Roadways, Byways, and Trails: Mark Smith, Little Brook Farm


Location: Lake Leelanau, Michigan 

Scenic Night Sky: George Bailey, Lake Superior Aurora

Location: Eagle Harbor Township 4 miles west of Copper Harbor, Michigan

Scenic Water: Kristine Tyler, Pancake Pier


Location: Pier Marquette inner Lighthouse, Michigan

Scenic Cityscapes: Brad Switzer, Winter Downtown Ann Arbor


Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Scenic Challenge: Gail Howarth, Skyward


Location: Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail in Muskegon, MI

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our volunteer judges who had the challenging task of selecting these winners from an amazing selection of entries.

We received so many great photos that for the rest of the summer we will be showcasing the winners on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.



Scenic Landscape Finalists 

Beatrice Hinojosa, Sterling State Park Monroe, MI

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Scenic Road, Byways, and Trails Finalists 

Julia Carlson, Pipestone Lake Eau Claire, MI

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Scenic Night Sky Finalists 

Leslie Hardy, Headlands International Dark Sky Park Ferndale, MI

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Scenic Water Finalists 

Mark Smith, South Fox Island Leland, MI

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Scenic Cityscapes Finalists 

Tara Reaume, City Scape Detroit, MI

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Scenic Challenges Finalists 

Adam Dempsey, Musketawa Trail Muskegon County, MI

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