Preserving, Protecting, and Enhancing Michigan's Scenic Resources

Scenic Michigan is a broad coalition of Michiganders from all walks of life who care passionately about protecting Michigan’s spectacular beauty. Since 1996, Scenic Michigan has fought to eliminate blight, stem Michigan’s excessive proliferation of roadway billboards, reduce light pollution, and protect the state’s most scenic and beautiful vistas. Scenic Michigan is an affiliate of Scenic America, a national organization sharing our goals.

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In Billboard Company’s Challenge to a Michigan Sign Ordinance, the Sixth Circuit Finds That Content-Based Commercial Speech Regulations Are Now Subject to Strict Scrutiny

| Billboards and Sign Control, News | No Comments
Source Rocky Mountain Sign Law , Author Brian J. Connolly on September 15, 2020 A billboard company’s challenge to the Troy, Michigan sign variance standards–which we reported on three years ago–has now resulted in an appellate decision that has the potential to greatly change commercial speech regulation as we know it.  Two…

Action Alert: Detroit Sign Ordinance threatens to flood City with light

| Billboards and Sign Control, Dark Skies | No Comments
This Thursday, March 5th at 10:40am the Detroit City Council will hold public hearings regarding the proposed amendments to Chapter 4 (Detroit Sign Ordinance) at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. Please attend or write Detroit City Council to express concerns about some of the provisions of this ordinance. This…

Detroit Sign Ordinance Threatens To Bury City in Signs

| Billboards and Sign Control, News | No Comments
1990 Detroit Free Press Article Detroit is working on a new sign ordinance. A good sign ordinance complements city planning efforts, enhances community aesthetics, and balances community interests. Unfortunately, the draft ordinance under consideration falls short on these three points. In an effort to appease the interest of the outdoor…

I'm proud to support Scenic Michigan as they work to control billboard proliferation in our state. Thanks to their efforts, our roads are more scenic and less distracting to drivers than they otherwise would be.

Jerry JungFormer Chair, State Transportation Commission

Scenic Michigan has been an effective and steadfast defender of our state's blessed abundance of natural beauty.

William G. MillikenFormer Michigan Governor

Thanks to Scenic Michigan, planners and citizens seeking to protect community character have an excellent resource (the Michigan Sign Guidebook) to fulfill that mission.

Mark WyckoffFormer Director, MSU Planning and Zoning