Preserving, Protecting, and Enhancing Michigan's Scenic Resources

Scenic Michigan is a broad coalition of Michiganders from all walks of life who care passionately about protecting Michigan’s spectacular beauty. Since 1996, Scenic Michigan has fought to eliminate blight, stem Michigan’s excessive proliferation of roadway billboards, reduce light pollution, and protect the state’s most scenic and beautiful vistas. Scenic Michigan is an affiliate of Scenic America, a national organization sharing our goals.

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Michigan Sign Regulation Guidebook:
The book for Local Planning and Regulation of Signs

Our recently updated Michigan Sign Guidebook (2021) provides essential guidance about the local planning and regulation of business and advertising signs. This valuable tool covers a wide range of issues associated with local sign regulation with a major focus on legal issues and how communities can develop sign ordinances that minimize legal risks; including  information on how to regulate different sign types and approaches to sign regulation that preserve “content neutrality,” a critical issue under federal First Amendment law.

By purchasing our Sign Regulation Guidebook you can learn how to better utilize content-neutral sign regulations to enhance the scenic quality of your community, while addressing critical legal issues that ensure your communities sign ordinances meet the practical functional purposes for which signs are created, all while enhancing the scenic quality of a community.

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I'm proud to support Scenic Michigan as they work to control billboard proliferation in our state. Thanks to their efforts, our roads are more scenic and less distracting to drivers than they otherwise would be.

Jerry JungFormer Chair, State Transportation Commission

Scenic Michigan has been an effective and steadfast defender of our state's blessed abundance of natural beauty.

William G. MillikenFormer Michigan Governor

Thanks to Scenic Michigan, planners and citizens seeking to protect community character have an excellent resource (the Michigan Sign Guidebook) to fulfill that mission.

Mark WyckoffFormer Director, MSU Planning and Zoning