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2019 Scenic Michigan Photo Contest Winners

By November 18, 2019November 22nd, 2019News

We are excited to announce the winners of Scenic Michigan’s 2019 Photo Contest. This year, thanks to our partnership with MLive, we received over 2,000 submissions. We are thankful to everyone who participated in this contest. Our judges definitely reported that they found it challenging to select just one winner for each category. Below are the top photos they selected for each category and at the end of this post is a slideshow of some of the other photos we received.

These photos showcase the diversity of beautiful rural and urban landscapes we’ve been blessed with in Michigan. However, this blessing comes with a responsibility for us to be good stewards of this land. It is incumbent upon us to consider how the laws and land use policies we adopt in our communities and in Lansing detract or enhance from the beauty of our state.

2019 Scenic Night Sky Winner

Fish Lake Milky Way (Wetmore, MI) Photographer:  Patrick Hugener

2019 Scenic Night Sky Winner

Photo Credit: Patrick Hugener


2019 Scenic Landscape Winner

Point Iroquois Lighthouse (Sault St. Marie)  Photographer: Jason Casady

Scenic Michigan 2019 Landscape Winner

Photo Credit: Jason Casody


2019 Scenic Roads, Byways, and Trails Winner

When Seasons Collide (Munising)Photographer: Jacob Hooker

2019 Scenic Roady, Byways, and Trails Winner

Photo Credit: Jacob Hooker


2019 Scenic Water Winner

Sable Falls Photographer: Joshua Colegrove

2019 Scenic Water Winner

Photo Credit: Joshua Colegrove


2019 Scenic Cityscapes

Foggy Ren Cen (Detroit) Photographer: Ethan Allen

2019 Scenic Cityscape Winner

Photo Credit: Ethan Allen


2019 Scenic Challenges

Torch Lake Dredge (Houghton County, Mason) Photographer: Glenn Perrow

2019 Scenic Challenge Winner

Photo Credit: Glenn Perrow


We received so many other amazing photos. The slideshow below highlights just a few of the 2,000 photos we received. A slideshow with all of these photos would be overwhelming, so we’ll keep continue to update and sharing new photos throughout the year both here and on Facebook.  


Credit: Ethan Allen -- Scenic Cityscapes (Belle Isle)

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