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Story by Vienne Alhaideri; Photo by George C. BaileyAs we enter the month of November, bird migration starts to slow down but there is still a lot to look out for! If you’re a bird lover, there’s no better place to be than Michigan! The state lies at the intersection of the Mississippi and the Atlantic migration “superhighways”. This makes it a prime spot for birdwatching. The best time of year for birding in Michigan depends on which part of the state you’re in. Fall is a wonderful time for southeast Michigan to spot rare birds as they make their way further south. A variety of ducks, gulls, sandhill cranes, sparrows, hawks, and eagles can still be seen making their way through the state.Not only do these feathered travelers provide beauty and awe during time spent out in nature but more importantly are the roles they play within our ecosystems. They spend most of their time migrating at night. They rely mainly on the constellations, the moon, the earth’s magnetic field, and prevailing winds to guide them in the right direction. Artificial lights can cause them to migrate too early or too late and miss ideal climate conditions for nesting, foraging, and other behaviors.    You can help tonight and every night by using less artificial light. Install motion sensors and timers to ensure lights are on only when needed. This costs less money, improves security, and reduces light pollution. If you live on a higher floor in a building, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and/or pull the shades down.Don’t forget to spread the word! Tell them you heard it from a little bird!