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Scenic Michigan Ambassadors

By March 22, 2018Newsletter

Do you care deeply about protecting Michigan’s scenic resources? If so, we would love to have you join the Scenic Michigan Ambassador Program. Our mission is large, and it’s challenging to keep abreast of local issues and threats to scenic resources—so we’re hoping that you can help us be more effective and efficient in our work. We envision our ambassadors being our eyes and ears across the state . . . and occasionally, perhaps, even a spokesperson for Scenic Michigan.

By signing up to become an ambassador, you’re not committing yourself to anything but you are helping us identify who our strongest allies are across the state. To start, we’ll ask you to send us pictures of the “good, bad, and ugly,” keep us informed about issues you hear about in your local communities, and help us identify organizations and individuals we can partner with to become more effective in our work. And we’ll welcome any ideas you have for improving the reach of Scenic Michigan across the state. Send Erica an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining our program or if you have questions.