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Scenic Michigan to work with Land Information Access Association to create scenic road map

By June 1, 2017News

Scenic Michigan is a coalition of grassroots organizations, elected officials, and interested¬†citizens working to preserve and enhance the scenic quality of Michigan’s roadways. One tool Scenic Michigan has historically supported is the designation of “scenic roads.”

However, despite the common application of this tool throughout the state, it remains unclear how roads receive such a designation, how many have received it, and where all of the roads are located. In response to a discussion with Scenic Michigan board member Jim Lagowski, the Land Information Access Association proposes to help clarify scenic road designations in Michigan. This proposal is based on the tasks specified in our conversation with Mr. Lagowski and the experience of LIAA staff.

We expect geographic information system (GIS) specialist Paul Riess will be LIAA’s prime professional engaged in the¬†successful completion of this research and mapping effort. A geographer and cartographer, Paul has more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing spatial databases, designing GIS systems, and teaching GIS operations. He has extensive experience in the development of geographic data and mapping for city, township, and county master plans, recreation plans, corridor plans and natural resource management plans. A biogeographer, he holds a B.S. in Biology and Geography and an M.S. in Biology from Andrews University as well as an M.A. in Geography from Western Michigan University.

LIAA will research and aggregate all the different scenic road designations that currently exist in Michigan. Some initial research has found that there are a number of national, state and local roadway designations throughout Michigan. LIAA staff will work to get GIS data for each road designation, and research the process and criteria for the different designations.

Once the data is collected, LIAA will develop a comprehensive map of all the designated scenic roads in Michigan. The final map will be available in both a print and digital version.